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01 Dec 2019

Login Instructions:

Use your Yeled website login, without any spaces between the words.

Example: FirstnameLastname (no space)

Password: Yeled Website Password (Please note that it is case sensitive here. It is usually your initials followed by the last four digits of your social security #, with your first initial capitalized.) 


PLEASE NOTE: THE PASSWORD FOR THIS SITE WILL BE THE SAME AS YOUR YELED PASSWORD UNLESS YOU HAVE CHANGED THAT PASSWORD AT SOME POINT. The two sites are not connected, and changing your Yeled password will not change this password


If you have any problems, please send an email to onlinetrainingcenter@yeled.org detailing your problem, and you will receive support at the soonest opportunity.


Please be advised that if you try to log in and it doesn't allow it, telling you that either your username or password is wrong, you must close the tab and go to this webpage again from scratch, because once you've failed to log in once, even if you put in your information correctly it won't allow you to log in on that tab, you will need a fresh start.